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Suffering serious injuries in a motorcycle collision can be a devastating turn of events. For help securing the funds you need to recover with ease, consult with a Dover motorcycle crash lawyer at your earliest convenience.

Motorcycle riders endure some of the most serious injuries seen in all motor vehicle accidents because they aren’t surrounded by thousands of pounds of metal to protect them from impacts. With serious injuries comes significant recovery time, which usually means time when you’re unable to work. The resulting lack of income can put a damper on your ability to recover.

It is far too common for victims of motorcycle injuries to be manipulated by insurers into accepting far less than the settlement they deserve. Get in touch with a Dover motorcycle accident lawyer at Barros, McNamara, Malkiewicz & Taylor for help recovering compensation that can have a positive impact on your recovery.

What Causes Motorcycle Crashes in Dover?

There are usually three common parties to blame for motorcycle accidents in Dover. The way other drivers interact with people on motorcycles is one of them. Plenty of drivers are so immersed in something other than the road, such as a cell phone or navigation system, that they don’t pay attention to the motorcyclists sharing the roads. Aggressive driving practices are another common driver error.

When it isn’t the driver of the other vehicle, we determine whether a malfunction on either the motorcycle or the other involved vehicle is at fault. If there are signs of faulty parts, we look to the manufacturer of the vehicle, as well as designers and maintenance technicians, to check whether they neglected to recall a defective part or installed a failing part.

Additionally, and perhaps surprisingly, local and state government road authorities are common defendants in motorcycle crash cases. Potholes are an issue for riders who can’t quickly stop to avoid them. Government road authorities have an obligation to fill these potholes and maintain safe roadways for all travelers across Delaware.

Sometimes, more than one of these entities can cause a collision. When this is consistent with your claim, we can name every one of the at-fault parties in your claim to help make sure you get the most out of your pursuit of damages.  

Insurers Rely on Stereotypes

Many motorcycle crash victims are stunned to find out that the insurance company doesn’t make their wellbeing a top priority. Advertising often misleads consumers who are interested in purchasing a policy to believe that the insurer will be on their side. Sadly, it is very common for the insurance companies to stereotype motorcyclists as reckless bikers who have little regard for the safety of other drivers.

They do this because, if they are able to demonstrate that you hold even a small percentage of blame, they’ll be able to reduce the amount they will need to pay out in your settlement. By having the amount they need to settle for reduced, they protect their profit margins.

Because many insurance adjusters simply can’t be trusted, working with a motorcycle accident lawyer in Dover can be an ideal approach to securing both your reputation as a motorcyclist and the full compensation you’re entitled to.

The Value of a Dover Motorcycle Injury Claim

Every motorcycle crash is unique, but the losses that relate to them are often very similar between cases. In filing a personal injury claim, the goal is to be made whole for your damages. Essentially, this means that the people liable for your injuries should cover each cost and compensate you accordingly. As a rule, the more severe your injuries are, the more you can expect your total compensation to be.

When we begin estimating what your Dover motorcycle wreck claim is worth, we will start by assessing your economic damages. These normally include the medical bills and expenses you incurred as a direct result of your motorcycle accident injuries, any wages you lost by being out of work, and the loss of future earning potential, which could include bonuses, retirement savings, wage increases, and more.

Then, we consider the effects of your injuries that have nothing to do with money. A good example could be the loss of enjoyment of life, in which the injury victim can no longer participate in activities he or she previously found happiness in. These are known as non-economic damages and often include losses like pain and suffering, loss of consortium, mental anguish, and the effects of a disfiguring injury.

Moreover, you may be granted punitive damages if the defendants in your claim have been particularly malicious in their conduct and the judge hopes to punish them for their wrongdoing. Being awarded punitive damages almost always dramatically increases your compensation award. These are usually issued in an attempt to dissuade future wrongdoers from making the same choices as the defendant.

Dover Motorcycle Accident FAQ

Motorcyclists who have suffered an injury in an accident often have numerous questions about the process of filing a personal injury claim. Below, we have answered a few questions our clients most frequently ask about their motorcycle collisions in Dover.

What should I do if my passenger was the cause of the wreck?

Your motorcycle passenger is probably a companion or relative. Many injured motorcyclists find it hard to consider the possibility that a friend or family member should be sued for the damages suffered due to his or her negligence. Your motorcycle accident lawyer will be sure to handle your claim with sensitivity to protect the relationship between you and your passenger from further discomfort.

Do we have any options for filing a claim if I was involved in a hit-and-run?

Initially, we will work with police officers and give them any appropriate information that may enable them to find the culprit. The hit-and-run driver will probably be charged in criminal court, as well as civil court, where you can obtain compensation for your losses. Until the culprit is apprehended, we will gather supporting information for your claim. Then, we will be able to proceed with your injury claim.

Can I still file an injury claim if I wasn’t wearing a helmet?

While not all motorcycle riders are required to wear helmets in Delaware, not wearing one can affect the compensation you ultimately receive after an accident. That’s because the at-fault driver can point to your lack of a helmet and say your injuries wouldn’t have been as serious if you had worn one. Still, under modified comparative negligence rules, you can recover partial compensation for your injuries.

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